Brother Be Well Wellness for Boys and Men of Color

A culturally-affirming
innovative community

A multimedia platform for boys and men of color blending awareness, innovation, education, and healing pathways to reduce disparities, disrupt prolonged suffering, and improve health and mental wellness.

We deliver Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) education and awareness. Subscribe to our blog today. Members: click here to login.

Informative articles shedding light on topics of importance to males of color, plus personal stories of hope and resilience.

Richly layered conversations on today’s mental health topics and how those affect the health and wellness of males of color.

Broadcasts from our virtual studio with adults, clinicians, experts, and youth deep diving into mental health and wellness.

Virtual reality infused with music for your mood provides a mindful experience designed to creatively soothe and heal.



Brother Be Well is a multimedia mental health awareness platform. It is also a membership community for males of color ages 13+. We deliver clinical and holistic Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) education and linkages to resources and care. Our blog, media, and tools are open to the public. Schools, community groups, families, and others are encouraged to start using our free resources today.

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Follow our Roadmaps to get the most out of Brother Be Well. Use our media and curriculum as part of your curriculum. Find categorized media for family, classroom, and community discussions – education for all.
• Educate youth through a podcast listening session.
• Offer extra credit for reviewing one of our videos.
• Use our web-based courses to educate your staff and students.
• Visit our Learning Library and use our Into the Classroom multimedia teaching tools, appropriate for all middle school to college-aged students, sponsored by Blue Shield of California’s BlueSky initiative.

I am the hope of tomorrow. I will not forget my worth.

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