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How to Cope With Trauma 

Coping with trauma is not easy. If we can develop healthy coping mechanisms to help combat the effects of our trauma, we can heal from traumatic experiences.

During my childhood and adolescence, the three biggest sources of trauma were witnessing domestic violence, being placed in foster care, and surviving while both of my parents were incarcerated at the same time. As I emerged into adulthood, I realized developing healthy coping mechanisms had saved me from falling victim to my past traumas. The most effective activities for me are cold plunges; jumping in the ocean 3–5 times a week. The cold water helps decrease my stress levels and cope with trauma. Another strong coping tool I love to use is exercise. I enjoy running a couple of miles every day to keep my heart healthy and my rate of vibration high.

When I am feeling unsettled about my past traumas, I find it useful to have an expressive outlet to help me through moments of discomfort. I enjoy talk therapy with close family and friends. I have even found Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to be a huge asset in reflection, learning from my past traumas, planning for an admirable future, and learning how to live in the present. 

Justin Martinez, BBW Host/ Content Contributor

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