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Self-care has become a bit of a buzzword over the past few years, and its meaning is debatable. But one thing we can all agree on is that taking care of yourself during the pandemic is both a necessity and a challenge. If you’ve found yourself struggling to prioritize your needs as you adjust to a new normal, this article is for you. Keep reading for a few tips on self-care in the era of COVID-19.

Find Time to Breathe and Relax

Finding room in your busy day to stop and reflect, giving yourself space to breathe, can make a huge difference in your mental health. Take advantage of gaps in your schedule, no matter how small. Even a few minutes of meditating in the shower is better than nothing at all.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Between stress and disruptions to your routine, it can be hard to stay hydrated, eat nutritious meals, and keep your regular sleep schedule. But you’ll feel better if you do. Set reminders on your phone if you need to. Limit time on social media and find a way to stay active, such as through YouTube fitness classes. No equipment required. 

Tailor Coping Mechanisms

It’s possible that your regular coping mechanisms aren’t cutting it right now. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your support network and brainstorm new strategies in dealing with the pandemic. Coping looks different for everyone, but popular ideas include journaling, gardening, meditating, cooking, and creating art. Above all, remember to let yourself feel your feelings, good and bad.

Set Boundaries

You may need to revisit your boundaries or set new ones, not only with the people you live and work with, but also with yourself. That might mean not checking work emails outside of your work hours, or committing to a certain amount of “unplugged” (non-tech) time each day. Above all, be honest and say “no” to the things you really don’t have time for. 

Give Yourself a Break

There are a lot of messages out there about being productive during the quarantine, but the reality is, it’s hard to focus and work during times of high stress. Cut yourself some slack! You’re doing your best. 

Looking for more guidance on self-care while social distancing? Check out Stay Home Take Care ( for virtual care packages and recommendations. 

By Jenn Bagley

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