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Depression and anxiety can take a toll on individuals and their families. But it may not seem obvious. While treatment can be helpful, it is sometimes not easy to access. For easy-to-master coping skills that can be done anywhere, we share the following with those who are struggling.

The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

This coping skill is especially helpful for those battling anxiety. Some people may find it cliché, but breathing techniques are powerful. Follow these three simple steps:

  • Breathe in slowly for 4 seconds.
  • Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
  • Breathe out slowly for 8 seconds.

Do this technique several times. It tells the brain that everything is under control. After going through the steps, your heart rate will decrease. That will make you feel relaxed.

Focus on Your Senses

Do you feel overwhelmed by your current situation? Then you will find this technique beneficial. By focusing on your five senses, you will be able to ground yourself. Stop what you’re doing. Try focusing on what each of your senses is experiencing . This activity will help you focus on what’s happening right now.

Embrace Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Accept yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses. Trying to remove or replace something will drain you of precious energy. But with practice and patience, we can transform in positive ways! When it comes to these situations, the best thing to do is embrace your whole self with your action steps in mind. 

Change Your Perspective 

Although this coping skill may take time to master, the effort you’ll put into it will be worth it. This technique intends to transform your perspective from negative into positive.

Let’s say you are stuck in traffic. Some of us may ask ourselves, “Why is my life so miserable? Why do I have to experience these things?” Thinking of situations this way won’t change them for the better. Instead, look at the positive side. To do this, try to believe that everything works for the greater good. And try to do something productive. For instance, listen to an audiobook while you’re in the car.

Some of us face mental health challenges, which can be hard at times. It takes great effort to battle these challenges. For those who sometimes feel powerless, it’s normal. We don’t always feel our best. Still, one thing remains the same. You are a worthy individual.

That’s why you will get through the challenges you’re facing.

Brother Be Well Editorial Team

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